Posted by: Reza | October 24, 2009

Water & Fire

It has been a great Fall colors display at Northeast Ohio.  This is one of my favorite from abstract series.  It would look good on top of fireplace 🙂

water & fire



  1. Hey Reza, I knew those Canon cameras had some troubles with focusing, but didn’t know they were this off…

  2. Hi Mark, I was laughing so hard when I read your comments :)…. thanks for being on the “dark” side. Hope that Canon comes up with a better AF with Mark IV.

  3. WOW excellent abstract Reza.!!!
    Nice color choice and a great eye.
    Love the flow.If I had that in my fire place I could heat the house for the whole winter. It looks HOT HOT HOT……
    Did you have some good wood duck shots from last week?
    I have a few that I would like you to take a look at to see what you think. get back to me sometime

    • Thank you Joe for your kind words. I got your email and I am sure we will see each other on the road someday… I have not got a chance to process wood ducks yet. I hope you got some great shot from Ohio and come back for visit.

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